Change – the constant roadblock !

a) Did you ever imagine that you were going to be a loser forever?

b) Did you ever assume after securing your team’s victory in a cricket or football match that you’ll be able to play like that for ages?
And most importantly,
c) Did we ever wonder in our good old days – What if this time of our lives could be put on a repeat mode just like your favorite songs in a playlist?

I bet if you’re not a supernatural, and you’re one of those people who claim to be HUMAN will have definitely asked yourself at least similar questions – the third one being the generalized one!

Life and the irony it throws around time and again never fails to entertain us. We are cajoled into believing that if you do well, work hard, respect people ….bla bla and n number of ideal things, the world shall be ours and all the delight it possibly has on offer.
I used to be a big admirer of Rudyard Kipling’s incredible and touching piece – ‘If’ wherein structurally he uses a single main cause and about 10-15 dependent clause to reach to the conclusion of his poem. About 10-12 attributes and circumstantial actions have been listed down in the poem and Kipling indicates that – Say if we ever manage to pull off all of these (since no where it is specified that you get away with following 2 or 3 of those ideals )effortlessly, we get this –

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,  
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son

I have immense respect for the work he has put up for us to read and definitely ‘If’ is a timeless classic. However, if you crack it down to reality it’s safe to argue that – Let’s face it, No human being can ever manage to be this perfect and then Say – ‘The Earth is mine’. Nevertheless, there shall always be exceptions (great men) just like they have in organic Chemistry. However these words bode well for the sake of literature and not in daily monotonous lives.

Neither do I want to draw conclusions nor generalize, it’s fair to say one loves to say ‘Life is a bitch’ (even the girls) as it disappoints and surprises us all lest we exhibit some equanimity and refute it temporally.

Going back to those three open questions which I’m sure made you recall the memories you once had and are now just up in smoke. I have been struggling to gulp the bitter pill of ‘Change’ lately.

Why bitter? – I would also specify that eventually there will be numerous positive changes too as we grow wise but our unique community love to talk about issues that burn us and corrode and not those which fill us with glee and positivity.

The principal argument here is – How do we live in peace and forge attachments or emotional bonds with things, people, cities, habits etc. etc. and way of life?

Friends are there for life time specially school friends they say- Thankfully my father was settled in a single place for long enough for me to do 80 percent of my entire schooling in a single school. So you can imagine I was pretty wealthy in term of moments and memories and quite a good number of prized friends that were dear to me.
But then you have to go to college and unfortunately, you can’t take them along with you like your luggage and
favorite pair of boxers and shoes that give you a familiar feel.
I have 4 years of college life ahead of me and so I have to adapt and to make merry of this span of 4 years, majorly I am supposed to build a new set of friends which implies tons of memories as well.

 Sadly, the old school friends drift away (memories would also have followed suit had they been physical entities) for many reasons (which includes my own decreased levels of empathy for them).
At the end of the day, the wise ask us to live in the present and build towards a future ( a payable job in this regard) and so ethically

I felt it’s a progressive curve and an essential one for each one of us to surge ahead in life.

But hey, I out of all people devoted bulk of my time to friends, seniors( who were pretty close), relationship(if you have one- I didn’t )and things which you passionate about( be it a sport, a subject, a skill or anything) – Because as they college life is the most eventful phase in one’s life. In college, you spend a lot of time with people you love (even more if you stay away from family) and love to hang out with and understandably the chemistry and attachment strides towards the maxima.

And boom ! – College over, party over! And just like machines are replaced once their depreciation period kicks in, we are thrown into corporate or ‘responsible for your own daily bread’ mode and for the umpteenth time you unwillingly leave behind the legacy and the heaven you created through the years. People who go to their first jobs along with their friends are damn lucky and I’m extremely envious of them. Whether they remain the same friends or not doesn’t matter but familiarity in a sea of uncertainty is like the faint mirage of water in a dry dessert that one craves so hard.

I moved on, everyone does.  

I made new friends in a new city amidst new surroundings, and I started again till the time I’m pushed back to the drawing board once,


[P.S. – I really liked a girl I met in my office and I really felt for her but I was so
skeptical of the fact that one year down the line both of us won’t be in the same place, I felt it was better to not let my feelings take over and then sabotage them again in due time.]

The 1st post had to be too long, never mind!

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