How to deal with Sarcastic People ?

“Really, Sherlock ? No, you are clever “

I might have encountered this phrase as a response for the umpteenth time while I would say something pretty obvious.
 As far as I can remember, I was always the slow individual to get hold of the jokes or memes that my friends would share. I was ashamed of it and would take much offense when people would point out my incompetent processing of witty words.

Our present generation is engulfed in memes and sarcasm. Be it the social media, or the extremely popular web series on Netflix, sarcasm have become a way of life. Stand-up comedy utilizes it abundantly to make people laugh.
It depicts a positive picture about sarcasm thus often amalgamating humor with sarcasm as one of the attractive traits in a person.
But it has its controversial side of the story as well !
Over the years, I have adapted well and added use of sarcasm effectively to my arsenal.
Just last day, a girl who is a close friend, told me that my sarcasm is intolerable and hurts her every now and then and I must learn to avoid sarcasm in everyday conversations.
I was irate and furious and confused at the same time, as I was able to get along well with her as well as many colleagues of mine solely because of my quirky and witty choice of words.

I delved into the obvious question –
if I was the average Sarcastic person, how to deal with such people?  
Is there any way to retain one’s sarcastic way of life and also not tread on toes?

I have come across articles on Internet which claim sarcasm has a positive influence on the cognitive abilities of a person by linking creative minds with people who are sarcastic. Both the giver and the receiver had to mentally work out the contradictory nature of sarcasm for it to be effective. The mental processes involved in the interpretation and delivery seems to flame the creative spark.

At the same time, deciphering sarcasm seems to be as hard as solving the issues of climate changes at times. Those who have mastered the art don’t frame the words separately but pick the best context or circumstance to deliver the witty remark or response.
Traditionally by Google meaning standards, sarcasm means – “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt” which paints a grim and wicked picture of this art.

In solidarity with the meaning, definitely one seems to express opposite of what they say but not to mock and scorn at all instances. Mostly it targets humor and playful banter which is again which this age has brought up to the fore. People are likely to roll on floor laughing(ROFL) when the sarcastic remark is made by a popular Youtuber on stage but frown or take offense when the same is thrown at them by a sarcastic friend.
This double standard is alarmingly putting off people like me and many others who just want to have fun and be the person driving conversations to lively and exciting ones.
Haters would say – Actions rather words strongly determine thoughts and feelings, when a person consistently acts sarcastically it may highlight their underlying hostility and insecurity. Also, sarcasm can be used as a subtle form of bullying—and most bullies are angry, insecure, or cowardly. They also claim Sarcasm to be the lowest form of wit.

Trust becomes crucial when you need to examine if a sarcastic remark was meant to insult or have fun. These comments can come off as less biting if the receiver is understanding. However, the person delivering the sarcasm definitely finds the exchange more amusing than the receiver. However, even in strong bonds if sarcasm is delivered in certain contexts – like an emotional moment or during heated arguments – sarcasm can easily be toxic in relationships.

The best way to defend against a sarcastic attack (if really receivers perceive it as one) is to either give it back (counter attack or double sarcasm) or choose to not deter from the actual topic and not reacting. It is the biggest savagery one can do to excessive sarcastic person. Inciting reactions and having fun is the sole motive and when you don’t allow that- automatically it puts off people like and probably next time, I will be less sarcastic.

Sarcasm is not at all hard to practice and use, you can always give it back to make the conversation explode into humor or employ – Double Sarcasm (Double sarcasm is highly deceptive, the objective being to pretend to miss the original sarcasm and respond seriously in context) thus killing the sarcastic bridge.    

  • Or you can correct them by making them realize that you don’t care about their sarcasm and whatever they remark is dumb
  • Or just turn around your friend’s words just prove that you are smarter than your friend believes and escape the claws of embarrassment.
  • Or you can pretend to not understand what they said and no person will want to repeat their sarcastic remark as it feels deflating.
  • Or the best way to handle such people is to tell them – that you don’t like their sarcasm but not look down upon them for being sarcastic

It is their way of life and they enjoy it.

If you don’t, either you don’t have the creative brains or the stable mind to find a way around it.

Sarcasm is always the fire that can wreak havoc or string together a lit conversation which is so desirable.

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