10 Things TO DO during this Quarantine !

The COVID-19 is upon us and almost whole of humanity is at a standstill. Perhaps, now we feel what caged animals in the zoo feel like. While governments are urging people to practice social distancing and staying indoors, some retards are always ruining this and we see quite a lot of videos of social media where police is kicking some sense into these idiots. It’s a hard time for children to stay grounded in summers, for home makers and working professionals alike. Work from home people have to cook, do the dishes and appear all dressed up for their calls all at the same time and on their own. Economic issues are also creeping in gradually as banks operate only for essential services. It’s ironical how one tiny micro-organism has changed the game completely and transformed humans from socially animals to locked-out victims. Yet one must remain patient and conduct themselves along the guidelines of WHO and government to stay safe and help in arresting the pandemic.

LOCKED OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would be pretty hard to live almost a month in quarantine and so here are 10 things you can do to beat the Quarantine Blues. It applies to almost all age groups irrespective of gender or profession.

Thank me later.

1. Sleep like a Panda:

An average human being needs at least 7-8 hours of sound and uninterrupted sleep every day for a healthy body and lifestyle as suggested by doctors. However, many of us absolutely love to burn the midnight oil, stay up beyond necessary and adopt nocturnal habits – not letting our body relax appropriately. At times, it makes sense for students and working professionals aiming to achieve more and go that extra mile in efforts but it takes a toll on their health, for sure. This quarantine period is a great opportunity to get all that sleep one craved for and should have incorporated earlier.
If you go by the statistics, India is the second in list of most sleep deprived nations after Japan. If you needed a good reason to stay more in bed, I gave many.

2.Fall back to Family:

A wise man said that you can always count on your family, no matter what. For once, this is a great time to exhibit the ‘Family Man’ in you, play with the kids because they’re bored too, help out in household chores, fill those empty bottles, do a bit of broom broom, and revisit some of the fond memories of childhood with your parents. You get a perfect chance to nullify your parent’s complaints of you not spending enough time at home. Home is when the whole family comes together and COVID-19 has ensured that. For people stuck in places far from family, it is hard to survive alone- YES ! But you always said you’re mentally strong- This is the time to practice it. And your adorable siblings or parents are just a video call away. Call them, don’t wait for them and entertain both parties.

3.Decide on a Fitness Regime:

Working from Home or staying at home means a lot of things are cut off our schedules and that also translates to lesser movement and physical activity.It’s imperative to stay fit amid the pandemic wreaking havoc and deciding on a fitness regime can do wonders even for people who never used to work out. Do you struggle to reach work in time or delay your gym hours every now and then due to some excuse or other? Are you someone who never gets up in time for that morning jog?
Nonetheless, it is a golden chance for such people to wake up at their own pretty time and sweat out, release some endorphins and keeping the body moving in a stagnant situation.
Lift some weights, do Yoga, kick a football against the wall or have a light dance session- Any of it helps but has to be done regularly. I play cricket for an hour every day!

4.Cook a Story in the Kitchen:

Did you brag that you’re talented but you never got a chance to demonstrate? Well, Dalgona Coffee is trending and so you can try just cooking up delicacies – even if they don’t taste sumptuous the first time. Anyway, online food ordering is not operational, so why not spice things up a bit? See what you got in the pantry and create a new healthy meal. YouTube videos and the pro- your mother is always there for guidance. There is so much variety in things you can cook and treat yourself that getting bored is unrealistic. Cooking is one skill one should always have their sleeves (Cleaning dishes as well) to be self-dependent and now is the time to broaden those culinary skills. I for once started making Rotis as I found it too sticky a job, but now it comes out great every time.   

5.Read a Book/Write a Journal: 

Assuming staying at home brings in a lot of leisure, it always calls out to reach out for books to read or start writing a journal or a diary given one has too many things to express in their minds. Do you stockpile the novels that you wanted to read and it ends up biting dust on the shelves? Well, grab a cup of tea and binge-read those books. Writing a journal will help you not just preserve your memories of this unprecedented time but will also help you process your feelings about this time that manages to feel simultaneously terrifying and immensely boring. You could also consider making it a Gratitude journal that you’re safe at your Home.
For those without books at their place, it’s the National Emergency Library to the rescue. One can borrow 10 E-books at a time, removing any wait list on more than 1.4 million books until June 30, or the end of the pandemic.

6.Binge Watch:

All forms of entertainment are wiped out except the Internet. Be thankful and abuse the tech we have at our hands to stay in the mood. Be it YouTube or streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar, there is a plethora of content to feast on. It is even more exciting for a noob like me who has had almost no experience with TV series and shit. Binge watch the 4 seasons of Money Heist – you won’t be disappointed and won’t make you a couch potato too. So be shameless and ask your friends for those credentials and Netflix & chill.
P.S. – There is some great content on YouTube during this lock down period.

7.Catch up with your Gang:

It is universal that we all take our friends in distant cities for granted partly due to our busy schedules and some to our introvert selves. This quarantine calls for a recapitulation of the fun and laughter with your college/school buddies via video conferencing. Google Duo or Zoom or Whatsapp- anything fits the bill! One can catch up and talk their hearts out and contribute to a lively and nostalgic conversation.

8.Learn a new language:

Who doesn’t like to multi-dimensional like AB De Villiers or Multi-lingual? There are many online platforms or apps on your mobile that can teach you a new language. Duolingo is an easy-to-use, totally free app that gives daily lessons in 35 different languages. Knowing a language like Spanish or French does great for your CV as well. So go ahead and learn Amigo!

9.Pamper yourselves:

Take those long, luxurious baths of your dreams – now that you are self-quarantining. You can even soak all day if you like as the summers set in. It is time to Google all the ‘In-house salon’, drink detox smoothies and make your skin glow as now you could follow your skin, body, nail and hair care regime every day. Treat yourself with some soothing music and our soul heal.


Suddenly, so many are working from home, thus organize your dedicated workplace to bolster your productivity. Is there lots of things you want to pursue once the lockdown ends?

Plan with purpose and jot them down practically. Plan how to arrange cash for your next trip, how to improve the product profits for your client, how to renovate your home sweet home. It is time to ooze out the analyst in yourself. Make best use of this time to look out for any task that you’ve been procrastinating on like best gyms near you, best driving schools, mutual funds to invest in, best universities to apply in, safest country to settle in or even screen for an ideal job for you.. The time is NOW! DO NOT LET IT FUCKING SLIP like Steven Gerrard did !


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